my story

how it started...

In 2020, I decided that I wanted to go into Special Operations with the Military. When I started training to earn a Special Ops contract, I became serious about how I fueled my body and began  looking for ways to naturally boost my performance. My background had been in sports and training most of my life, but I never really knew how to properly fuel my body before or during a long workout. Artificial pre-workouts and energy drinks were  available, but for someone who didn’t use those type supplements, I wanted natural ways to fuel before training.I tried to find something to give me energy and stamina without having to use artificial supplements or energy drinks full of sugar, caffeine and unknowns. I discovered that certain superfoods and mushrooms supplied exactly what I needed  to boost my mental focus and physical performance. No jitters, crashes, or other negative side effects happened before, during or after a workout. It was then that the idea of the AlphaTenn bar was born.  USDA organic, AlphaTenn combines clean ingredients with specific superfoods that create calm, focused energy and endurance. Designed to take your performance to the elite level, the AlphaTenn bar uses the same natural superfoods our ancient warriors once used. Being elite means fueling the right way.

AlphaTenn is Elite fuel for Elite performance.